Meet like-minded parents to gain insight and skill in meeting the new needs of your young children, teens, or adults.  Enjoy kid-friendly activities that can include your sons and daughters in an affirming atmosphere.

As a Parent

Your kids will do better as you begin rebuilding.  From newborn to age 40, your sons and daughters benefit most by one thing:  a strong, happy you.  We can show you the best resources in the area for parents and kids, including our host, the Boulder YWCA.

Rebuilding teaches parents to protect their kids by:

  • Affirming and not judging each other
  • Discussing differences in private and not around kids
  • Introducing kids to a new partner only after the new relationship is clearly established
  • Pledging to champion their kids' wellbeing as effective co-parents
  • Utilizing counseling and parent groups and reading such books as Mom's House Dad's House or Joint Custody with a Jerk