How Rebuilding Works

Dr. Bruce Fisher's research led him to imagine a mountain climb that guided a 10-week process, leading members from denial to freedom.  Becoming more validated and open with their reactions and feelings, members move from denial to a truer awareness of themselves.  The Freedom mountain top points to the building of a more whole, confident self.

We are Boulder's original Rebuilding Seminars with Norm Gibson. The first five weeks emphasizes healing and recovery from relationship loss.  The second half of the course helps members uncover the self-worth necessary for healthier future relationships.  Nights 9 and 10 feature the Men's and Women's Forums, lively question and answer sessions covering single-living, dating, and sexuality. The 10th night graduation includes an exercise on making a commitment to yourself, to take what you've learned in the 10 weeks and commit to living your life with authenticity and courage.

Because Rebuilding takes place within a non-dating environment, participants often establish long-term friendships that allow for open communication and trust that may be hard to find anywhere else.

Getting Started

You can visit Rebuilding Seminars for free on any Opening Night. Take the Self-Test to get clear feedback about where you are in your recovery process. By taking the Self-Test again at the end of the Seminar, participants often see a gain of 30 to 40% in their scores. This is one reason why Rebuilding is known to offer a proven process.

What Happens

Our 10-Week Seminar meets weekly, usually on Sundays from 5 to 8 pm.  Each session offers confidential small group discussion, a presentation on a key chapter of the textbook, and experiential exercises that add immediacy and depth to your learning. A refreshment break midway in the evening is an obvious favorite!

The pace each night is so brisk and engaging that many members gather at a nearby cafe after class to share insights, laughter and support.

Safe Environment

Rebuilding Seminars is known for its safe, confidential, non-dating environment. Participants sign a formal Seminar Agreement to keep all names and communication private and protected.  Rebuilding Seminars is committed to a policy of zero-tolerance to any level of personal abuse or harassment by members or volunteers.  Our non-dating tradition allows new support and friendships to expand without the distraction of pairing-off or cliques. This environment also supports adults of any age, ethnic origin or gender orientation.

Individual Check-in

Participants can make an appointment to meet with Norm Gibson, LCSW,  for a discounted personal session. We discuss a range of topics-- your test results, your specific concerns about emotional stress or your kids' status, and goals for the course. Norm has practiced psychotherapy and meditation for 30 years. He often offers ongoing counseling and accepts health insurance.


Each 10-week class is served by a team of men and women, nominated by their own peers and classmates, to make sure your Rebuilding experience is the best possible.  By facilitating small groups, coordinating refreshments, and providing a variety of outside activities, the Volunteers help energize and deepen your Rebuilding experience.  Because they have gone through the Seminar themselves, they are able to understand and relate to your own process.

Outside Activities

Although optional, our social activities can be nearly as powerful as the classes.  By helping your confidence to grow in a safe social setting, this is one secret of Rebuilding, helping people reenter the single sub-culture.  Hiking and other outdoor events, dinner and a movie, or a favorite activity you may suggest – we help set it up and make it fun.  These gatherings are also a great place to talk with your classmates and share personal situations.

Community of Rebuilders

One of the great benefits of Rebuilding is the potential of friendships your class will offer you.  If you choose to, it is quite likely that you will make one or more lasting friendships from your class.  After graduation you will have available to you, a community of hundreds of rebuilders – single adults who have done this work and enjoy many weekly activities together.  These range from an afternoon bike ride to a weeknight book club, to golfing on the green, or grilling out with new friends.  Many events are announced on Meetup.  Large numbers turn out for our Giant Summer Picnic and the Annual Holiday Ball.


Rebuilding has delivered clinically-proven results to thousands of graduates over the years, including doctors and lawyers, therapists and judges, single parents and job-seekers -- all sorts of people, who successfully complete our confidential Seminar.