How Rebuilding Can Help

Feel better

Rebuilding helps members more than they ever imagined.  Within 10 weeks participants experience measurable improvement in key life areas.  Participants heal grief, anger, and fear and regain personal confidence in new relationships.

Will I fit in?

Our seminars offer proven success to those who are:

  • In the middle of a divorce or break-up
  • Newly separated or divorced for some time
  • Younger or older, gay or straight
  • Stuck in between, in limbo, or undecided
  • Parents of younger or older children

Participants work with like-minded, positive people in similar situations who validate their experience while challenging them to grow.  Rebuilding's group-setting is a great way to gain new perspectives and identify self-defeating behavior.

Move forward

Find new friends in a safe, non-dating atmosphere, with enjoyable social activities and outdoor fun.

Members put an end to old, repeating patterns so they can confidently enter the single world.  They have let go of non-nurturing relationships and can build conscious, healthier ones.

  • Experience more energy in your life by freeing yourself from the old relationship.
  • Come away with tools from meditation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and ancient traditions.
  • Graduates can become part of a vibrant community of others who continue this work.
  • Enjoy access to weekly activities, a Giant Summer Picnic, and the Annual Holiday Ball.